Floral Collections

We hire quality everlasting artificial flowers. Benefits of artificial flowers are sustainability, affordability, allergy friendly and will withstand extreme heat, wind and rain.

With the global pandemic and fresh floral prices soaring, the demand for hire of everlasting flowers is stronger than ever.  



More reasons to love fake!

  • Sustainability, did you know that transporting a half kilogram of artificial roses produces one twentieth the amount of emissions as shipping a half kilogram of real roses.
  • The instagram floral porn we all lust over, often uses thousands of imported flowers, which cost the environment greatly. Think about the damage to our planet from air transport from overseas, truck transport, keeping flowers refrigerated this whole time, pesticides & plastic packaging.
  • Do yourself a favour and google floral foam and the environment. We don’t use floral foam for majority of our artificial floral creations. We are constantly looking at alternatives & hope to be totally foam free in the future.
  • Our artificial florals are totally re-usable, centrepieces are hired again and again further adding to their sustainability. 
  • Perfect for those who suffer allergic reactions.
  • Withstand the elements, 40 degrees, wind, rain - no problem.
  • Know what you are investing in. You are hiring/purchasing exactly the item pictured, no surprises.
  • Affordability. High quality artificial flowers often can cost more than real flowers, however as our florals are hired again and again we are able to provide these quality items to you at a fraction of the cost
  • Best of all your guests will likely be none the wiser.