About us - The story behind Fairytale Events

Rebecca Smith, owner & founder of Fairytale Events has had a passion for all things “princess” and weddings from the time she was a little girl. As far back as she can remember she wanted to be a wedding planner and stylist.

Her mother was an outstanding wedding cake decorator and also used to make wedding & bridesmaid dresses. Rebecca used to feel proud of her mum when she saw the joy of others when they tried on a beautiful dress or picked up their wedding cake.

Rebecca’s father always used to joke and say, “we need to start up a family wedding business” he had a plan that every member of the family could cater for a different part of the wedding planning process. Being a car enthusiast he always used to say he could buy some Rolls Royce’s and do the transport.

Two months after Rebecca’s 16th Birthday her father passed away from cancer. It struck the core of the entire family. In a plight to reconnect with her father’s spirit and follow her dreams Rebecca was inspired to start Fairytale Events.

Her father's dream is now a reality with a family run wedding business.

Rebecca combines years of corporate experience in Marketing, Sales & Executive Support along with her studies in Event Management & Business Management to pave a new way in the wedding industry. She has also worked in the fashion and events industry as a Makeup Artist, Glamour Model and Cake Artist.

Her experience provides clients a valuable resource to turn to on the many aspects required for a "fairytale event".

The meaning of Fairytale Events is precious to Rebecca and she will always endeavour to achieve and exceed the highest standards in the industry.

Fairytale Events principals are based on love, family & dreams.

When you strip away the glam of a wedding that is what it’s really about.


Owner's Jason & Rebecca on their fairytale wedding day